2018 Off-Season Training Programs

Our strength training programs are the backbone of Gary Roberts HPT. Gary Roberts and his Team of high performance strength & conditioning coaches dedicate themselves to providing the most relevant training practices available with an acute focus on technique and quality of movement. Our goal is to provide an advanced training program, supported by a holistic approach to nutrition and recovery measures, to help each athlete live a healthy, balanced lifestyle that achieves high performance and longevity in their sport and in life.

These programs are designed for players, age 8 and up, playing at any level of minor hockey.  Each one incorporates programming, education, and reporting in the following categories: off-ice training, nutrition & recovery.


2018 Off-Season Program Schedule

  • Registration for the Off-Season opens April 1st
  • Orientation and Prep. Programs Begin Upon Registration
  • Phase 1 Program Start Date: May 28th (4 weeks)
  • Phase 2 Program Start Date: June 25th (6 weeks)
  • Phase 3 Program Start Date: August 6th (4 weeks)
  • Registration for the 2018/19 season opens August 1st, Program begins September 1st
    • $450 for an individual subscription (1 year)
    • $200 for an individual in-season only subscription (7 months)
    • $100 (per athlete) for a team subscription (7 months, in-season)
    • Contact us to inquire about rates for club subscriptions

Program Highlights:

  • Off-season strength & conditioning training programs with video support
  • Nutrition tips and meal suggestions available on your phone or tablet
  • Daily questionnaire tracks hydration, sleep, nutrition and recovery
  • Weekly report summary generated by the system and sent to the athlete (and parents) via email
  • System scheduler allows you to keep track of your workouts, competitions and recovery days
  • System archive stores and maintains performance data in your athlete profile 
  • Easy contact with GRHPT coaching staff should you need it 
  • Invite your friends to join the Off-Season Program. Create a team or train alongside players from across North America. Hold each other accountable and work towards reaching your goals this summer.