Elite (Ages 18+)

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2020 Off-Season Elite Training Program

Program Description: 

At this age, athletes have likely specialized in their sport and have matured both physically and emotionally to the point where they can handle an increased training load in their sessions. Technique remains paramount, however the athletes can now tolerate heavier external loads and more dynamic movement patterns. Soft tissue treatment and prehab remains an important part of the training process to mitigate the injuries and tissue damage acquired during training sessions and competition. 

Program and Application Highlights:

  • Progressive programming through three distinct phases over a three month  period
  • Programming includes strength and energy system workouts
  • Scheduled recovery sessions
  • Weekly Nutrition tips and recipes
  • Scheduling and tracking capabilities for training sessions
  • Tracking capabilities, via a daily questionnaire, for hydration, sleep, nutrition and recovery
  • Weekly reporting summary

Next Steps Following Purchase:

  • When your order goes through you will be prompted to complete our athlete intake form. Make sure this step is satisfied in detail. Important questions are asked that ensure proper programming is applied to your profile
  • Our team will review your information and assign you a program
  • You will be prompted to download Gary's Athlete Development App via iTunes & Google Play and will receive a notification via the app when your program has been assigned