2020 Spring Training Programs

The Spring Training Program is designed to bridge the gap between the end of season and the beginning of off-season training. Athletes can expect to gain strength, movement quality, and speed/power output over the course of this 12-week program. 

These programs are designed for players, age 8 and up, playing at any level of hockey.  Each one incorporates programming, education, and reporting in the following categories: off-ice training, nutrition & recovery.


2020 Spring Training Program Schedule

  • Spring Training Begins March 18th
  • Three (3) Phases over 12 weeks (ending June 7th)
  • Two (2) Levels of Programming
  • See Promotions Page to bundle Spring & Off-Season Programs

    Program Highlights:

    • 2 strength workouts + 2 energy system (conditioning) workouts per week
    • Strength & conditioning training programs with video support
    • Nutrition tips and meal suggestions available on your phone or tablet
    • Daily questionnaire tracks hydration, sleep, nutrition and recovery
    • Weekly report summary generated by the system and sent to the athlete (and parents) via email
    • System scheduler allows you to keep track of your workouts, competitions and recovery days
    • System archive stores and maintains performance data in your athlete profile 
    • Easy contact with GRHPT coaching staff should you need it 
    • Invite your friends to join Spring and Off-Season Training Programs. Create a team or train alongside players from across North America. Hold each other accountable and work towards reaching your goals.