About Us


My inspiration to start Gary Roberts HPT has grown out of my own journey to regenerate myself after I suffered a serious neck injury that forced me to retire from the NHL in 1996 after 10 seasons.
After two neck surgeries and with the assistance of many experts, I embarked on a program that combined specialized training, proper nutrition, rehabilitative therapies and recovery strategies.  It was this integrated routine that enabled me to resume my career for another 12 years.
Now my passion is sharing what I’ve learned with players, alongside an elite team of training, nutrition and sports therapy professionals, to teach them how to effectively prepare to play in a way that gives them a chance at longevity in the game.  My hope is that they will be able to avoid many of the challenges that can arise in professional sports or at least be as prepared as they can be to overcome them.

Strength Training For Youth Hockey

 In modern youth sport culture more and more emphasis is being placed on young athletes competing year round in their sport. Young hockey players are moving from one league or team to the next as quickly as the seasons change. As playoffs end, spring hockey gives way to summer leagues, to preparation camps and the following season then arrives without the skates ever being untied. This idea of continuous play is creating athletes who lack proper movement patterns and have elevated injury risks and in all likelihood will mentally burnout far earlier in their athletic career then previous generations.

Time spent in the weight room at this age is pivotal to developing proper movement patterns and appropriate tendon/ ligament strength that will aid in injury prevention. By no means are we advocating heavy weight lifting or intense conditioning sessions, but proper exercise selection with emphasis on full body movements will help improve the athletes’ overall athleticism and body awareness. Our bodies are designed to: run, jump, squat, lunge, push, pull and roll, all of these movements are present in a holistic training program. We want to help teach young athletes to control force and react quickly allowing them to change direction instantaneously during the game. We want to help build their core strength and balance, giving them an edge over the opponent when they go into the corner to fight for the puck and keep them of the injury list. Strength training has become a vital part of young athlete development and we are excited to help spread the word.



     GARY ROBERTS | 20+ year NHL Veteran, Lifestyle Coach 

Gary Roberts is a 20+ year NHL veteran and Stanley Cup winner with 1224 games played (910 points including 438 goals and 472 assists) and three NHL All-Star appearances. Since his retirement after the 2008/2009 NHL season, Gary has become a leader in high performance training and sports nutrition for professional and amateur athletes.