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It's important to remember that while everyone is doing on-ice development, and most have found a way to do it quite well, not everyone is paying attention to off-ice training and the real impact is has on a team's success. 

We want to help teach young athletes to control force and react quickly allowing them to change direction instantaneously during the game. We want to help build their core strength and balance, giving them an edge over the opponent when they go into a corner to battle for the puck and keep them off the injury list. Strength training has become a vital part of young athlete development and we are excited to help spread the word.

 The technologies driving our platform and mobile app become the vehicle for Gary's message; his integrated approach to proper training, holistic nutrition, and recovery strategies. The database collects, stores, and helps analyze information over time to build a story on each individual athlete that will follow them through their career.

This is a unique opportunity for Club Directors and Administration along with their Coaching staff to better understand and develop their athletes. All this with a minimal amount of effort as the athlete powers their user experience via the App, which in turn generates reports for the Club. 

Club administrators log in to easily view all team and athlete progress as they work through the system. 

Parent communication has never been more detailed. Gary's system generates and delivers weekly athlete reports to parents showing workout progress, hydration levels, sleep patterns and nutrition habits. Gary's Team also shares weekly nutrition tips and meal suggestions to help guide families in the right direction.


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