Elite Hockey Prospects Training Program

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Gary Roberts HPT will provide Elite Hockey Prospects' members with advanced training programs delivered through the GR Athlete Development APP (available in the App Store and Google Play once registered). Supported by a holistic approach to nutrition and recovery, to help each member build and maintain a strong foundation that enables them to successfully perform in their sport and life.  

Program and APP Highlights:
  • Progressive programming delivered through three distinct phases
  • Programming includes strength and energy system workouts
  • Programs delivered directly to athletes phone, iPad or desktop
  • Scheduled recovery sessions
  • Weekly nutrition tips and recipes
  • Training sessions are tracked, recorded and archived 
  • Hydration, sleep, nutrition and recovery tracked, recorded and archived
  • Parents receive weekly email reports 
  • Workouts designed for at-home training (our team learns the equipment you have access to and assigns programs accordingly) 
Duration: Programs activate upon registration and finish August 28, 2020
Cost: $350 CDN (apply promo code EHP12 at checkout for 12% savings) 
Workouts per week: The number of workouts per phase depends on the phase and timing of delivery of the phase. Phases delivered in the off-season may contain anywhere from 3-5 workouts per week and can include strength, conditioning, and recovery sessions. 
Equipment requirements: Programs will be assigned to reflect available equipment as indicated by you on the intake form. 
Program delivery method: Gary Roberts Athlete Development APP 



    Next Steps Following Purchase: 
    • After purchasing you will be prompted to create your athlete profile
    • Our team will review your information and then assign your program taking into account your training environment and equipment you have access to
    • You will receive a notification when your program is ready to begin and be prompted to download Gary's app via iTunes or Google Play. Log in credential are set when you create your athlete profile