G7 Summit Series - E1

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G7 Summit Series - E1

Here at Gary Roberts HPT much of our focus revolves around educating athletes about how to prepare for their future. Just as we make an investment in the future of the athletes we work with, we believe it is just as important to invest in the future of those who spend time preparing these athletes. This is one of the many reasons why we started the Gary Roberts HPT Summer Internship Program, and it is one of the core reasons behind the theme of the first event in our G7 Summit Series. “Preparing for the Future: By Young Strength Coaches for Young Strength Coaches”. We have gathered what we believe to be a line up of some of the most impactful young strength coaches operating in the Human Performance industry to share their stories and help you along your journey of personal growth and development.

Adrian Vilaca
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Gary Roberts High Performance Training
Founder and Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Championship Lifestyle
Sylvie Tetrault
Holistic Nutritionist (RHN)
Strength & Conditioning Coach, Gary Roberts HPT, Championship Lifestyle
John Murray
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Saint Andrew’s College
Colin McAuslan
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Queen’s University
Sam Sabourin
Owner, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Between the Bumpers
Dale Lablans
Strength and Conditioning National Lead, Athletics Canada


For more information about this event, contact us at perform@garyrobertshpt.com