Introductory In-Season Training Program - Ages 8-10

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Introductory In-Season Training Program - Ages 8-10

The emphasis for this age group is quality of movement. The body is developing so quickly it needs to be exposed to a variety of stimulus. The majority of time will be spent on dynamic warm up, utilizing different full body movements to develop strength in those positions as well as improve proprioception. Limited weights are used at this age; the athlete’s bodyweight and bands will function as the primary sources of resistance. The training sessions are shorter and interactive to prevent burnout and ensure that the repetitions completed are done with proper technique to avoid injury risk. 

Program Duration: September 14, 2019 - March 17, 2020

Note: 2019-2020 in-season start date is Sept 14th, 2019. Please note if you purchase programing prior to Sept 14th your program will not be released to your athlete APP until Sept 14th. 

Registration is quick & easy:

  1. Upon purchase, Gary's team will send you instructions on how to complete and access your profile via iTunes or Google Play
  2. An education document will help you navigate the online platform and the athlete development application
  3. Log-in credentials and a program will be assigned
  4. One of our coaches will check in with you using the built-in messaging system

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