Individual License - Professional Athlete

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Individual License - Professional Athlete

This training program is at the core of the Gary Roberts HPT program. Gary Roberts and his team of elite coaches dedicate themselves to providing the most relevant training practices available with an acute focus on technique and quality of movement. Our goal is to provide an advanced training program, supported by holistic nutrition and appropriate recovery measures, to help each athlete live a healthy, balanced lifestyle that achieves high performance and longevity in their sport and life.

Athletes participating in this program work 1-on-1 with GRHPT certified trainers. Programs are built in fine detail taking into account athlete needs and goals. This program includes on-going support and program design. 

Type: Custom program design (In-season 2-5 workouts per week & Off-Season 2-5 workouts per week) 

Support: Real time support. You will be associated to a certified GRHPT trainer with regular check in points. Video and APP messaging available with this license. 

Equipment: Dependent on programing 

Next steps following registration:

  • Gary's team will contact you to complete your enrollment
  • Log-in credentials will be assigned
  • You will receive instructions and an education document on how to access and navigate your program via iTunes or Google Play and the Online Portal

For more information about Gary Roberts High Performance Training, visit our website:

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